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The heir of the late Lord Ferrok, Kaiser Vlad believes that the world has unjustly punished his people for their aggression two centuries ago, and desires to reclaim all of his lost lands. His first meager attempt at taking control of the world occurred at the start of the Border Wars, where he fed bad intelligence to the Tundran Territories, telling them that the Western Frontier was developing a super weapon to take over the world. Alarmed at this news, Tsar Gorgi led a preemptive strike against the Western Frontier, and conflict consumed the world once again. As the Tundran Territories and Western Frontier fought, Vlad led a small expedition into the Western Frontier,and began mining for the staff of Qa-Len, hoping to claim her ancient weapon for himself. Unfortunately, the war was over before Vlad could make an significant headway, and he retreated back to Xylvania.

Thirty years later, Vlad formed a secret alliance with Tsar Gorgi, and together they plotted to defeat the Western Frontier for once and for all. However, Vlad had no intention of honoring his commitments, when the war between the Tundran Territories and Western Frontier reached its climax, Vlad had his subordinate Countess Ingrid bomb both armies, and once again Xylvania had covered the world in darkness.

Despite his vigor, Vlad soon realized that his army was unable to fight against the allied army and he retreated back to his domain in Xylvania. With defeat imminent, Countess Ingrid and Kommandant Ubel raised the ancient Iron Legion from the grave against Kaiser Vlad's orders, but they were unable to control the feral army, and both sides took massive casualties. The Western Frontier eventually arrived at his capital, Vlagstag, and Kaiser Vlad fled capture and disappeared.

A few years later, Kaiser Vlad returned and once again used bad information to trick the Anglo Isles into invading the Solar Empire. This time, he made sure that all the nations of the world were involved, and secretly had his army attack the Tundran Territories to liberate the captured Kommandant Ubel. Together, they unleashed the horrific Mining Spider into the cold north, and Vlad finally got his hands on the legendary staff. Despite this, the allied army attacked his mine, and Kaiser Vlad and Kommandant Ubel were both trapped underground. Undeterred, Kaiser Vlad knew that the flame of Xylvania will glow even brighter.

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