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Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal is the first game by the Japanese developer DreamFactory. In Kakuto Chojin players can choose from thirteen characters as the fight their way through the underground Fist of Fire tournament, held in the dangerous city of Drasuka, hosted by the evil organization Maladinia. Taking place in the gritty streets of Drasuka, environments include, sewers, slums, back alleys, rooftops and rundown churches. All in All there are thirteen stages, one for each of the playable fighters.

Shadow and weather effects!

Kakuto Chojin was known for its advanced graphics for its time, using real-time shadows, weather effects, and character damage as the fight progressed.


In 2003 the game was pulled off store shelves due to the controversy regarding the Somalian-born character Asad, who is a devout Muslim. His stage theme contained phrases from the Quran being chanted, while one of his winning phrases was "Beating me is against God's will." At the time, the United States had become somewhat 'Islamophobic' due the 9-11 terrorist attacks the previous year, which had been carried out by a Muslim extremist group, and as such, such open references to Islam were considered controversial.

The game was recalled by Microsoft in the U.S. and never re-released. In Japan the game was only available for a couple weeks, while the game was never released in Europe.


There are thirteen playable characters in all in Kakuto Chojin.


There are thirteen stages in Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brawl each is associated with a playable character. Some of the stages in the game allow the player to ring out their opponent through juggles over the edges.

The Back Alley (Yin Kai Li's Stage)

The Chamber (Khan's Stage)

Deep Freeze (Vegard's Stage)

Enter The Fire (J.D. Stone's Stage)

Gladiator Ring (Crusher Ramirez's Stage)

Hall of Fates (Asad's Stage)

The Killing Floor ( Sabre's Stage)

Sacrilege (Roxy's Stage) This stage has a chance of ring out.

Stairway to Hell (Rena's Stage)

Top Of The World (Reiji's Stage)

Under Heaven (Shadow's Stage)

The Underbelly (Vittoria's Stage) This stage has the chance of ring out.

Circle Of Fire (Daeva's Stage)

Game Modes

Single player modes.

Story Mode: Players select characters and then fight a series of opponents through the Fist of Fire Tournament.

Survival Mode: Players select a character then fight as many computer controlled fighters one at a time, without dying.

Practice Mode: Is a training room for players to get accustomed to a characters move-sets.

Multiplayer modes.

Versus: Traditional one-on-one fighting against a friend.

4 friends fight in free-for-all.

Battle Royal: This mode allows four players to fight simultaneously, in either two teams of two or in a free-for-all battle.

Capture the Crown: This is a four player mode modeled after King of the Hill. Players only gain points while standing in a designated area of the stage.


In the game characters can choose between Kakuto and Chojin move-sets for the fighters to use. To unlock a fighters Chojin move-set the story mode must be completed with the fighter.

Daeva, the final boss, can be unlocked as a playable character once the story mode has been completed with all fighters. This task can be completed on any difficulty setting.

Daeva's "Circle of Fire" stage, can be unlocked once the game has been completed with Daeva. Once complete the stage can be selected by selecting the "Under Heaven" stage and cycling to the left.


Originally codenamed "Project:K-X" when it was announced at E3 2001, Microsoft later revealed the game at the Tokyo Game Show that fall...

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