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Kakyo the "Impenetrable" is an elite member of the Ancient Father's Cabal. He  is 33 years of age and has the power to walk through anything. His homeland is Japan.
Kakyo's first appearance is within the Cabal's Far East base on Mount Fuji, of which he is the manager. His arrival is predicted ahead of time by Magi, who is traveling with the hero party on this mission. Kakyo taunts the group, divulging that Magi was a former member of the Ancient Father's Cabal herself, and vanishes. He waits for Edward Brown and company at the bottom floor of the base, where he then transforms into an ogre and engages in battle. After losing, Kakyou taunts the heroes further by revealing that a bomb inside the volcano is about to go off and will destroy countless cities across the earth. It is then that Edward's father, Gilbert Brown, shows up and rescues the party by flipping a nearby lever, which causes the bridge they are standing on to break apart and Kakyo knocked over the edge, into the lava.
Kakyo shows up again at the Royal Exploration Agency, explaining that his powers enabled him to survive the incident at Mount Fuji. He battles the party once more, and then finally meets his end.
A shadow version of Kakyo can be fought on the fifth floor of the Tower of the Moon once post-game becomes available.


Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 137 lb 
Special Skill: Swordplay
Area: Mount Fuji Base
HP: 1100
Attack Power: 270
Defense Power: 17
Magic Attack Power: 15
Magic Defense Power: 7
Ability: Ogre's Defense
Area: Royal Exploration Agency
HP: 4000
Attack Power: 400
Defense Power: 18
Magic Attack Power: 60
Magic Defense Power: 30
Ability: Ogre's Defense

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