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Kaldea Orchid is a character in The Bouncer, Squaresoft's first PlayStation 2 release. She is a loyal servant of Dauragon C. Mikado and possesses the ability to shapeshift into a black panther. She appears as a boss during the story mode and can be unlocked for use in the game's multiplayer mode.

Kaldea's Past

Kaldea is a former childhood friend of Sion Barzahd. At some point prior to the beginning of the game's story, she was taken in as a test subject by the Mikado Group, whose experimentation granted her the power to transform into a black panther. However, as a side-effect of this experimentation, her body physically aged into adulthood at an accelerated rate, making her barely recognizable to Sion when they finally meet again. Despite her past with Sion, however, her loyalties now lie with Dauragon C. Mikado.

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