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Charming and original, but falls short of being great 0

First impressions are everything, and Kameo fails miserably in this regard. The game throws you right into the first mission without any tutorial or instruction of any kind. Through the use of on-screen hints one is gradually able to figure out what the hell to do, but it's definitely an unpleasant experience to fudge your way through a surprisingly difficult first level. I was only five minutes into the game and I already wanted to turn it off. Needless to say, my opinion of Kameo at this point...

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Kameo was a bit disappointing. 0

Kameo has alot in common with Star Fox Adventures.  Well, for one, they're both Rare games.  The other big connection is they were both in production with previous gen-systems and they were both released early in their new gen systems lifespan.  They're also both inspired by the Legend of Zelda in a way.  I think I had more fun with Star Fox Adventures.  It had it's share of problems too, but I just wasn't feeling it with Kameo.  The dungeons were extremely lame, boss fights were to easy, the st...

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Micro-Review: Showing its Age, the Controls Are Frustrating 0

Taking time into consideration the graphics are well done. Bright with some nice particle effects. The rest of the game has not aged so well though. The controls are beyond frustrating and inaccurate. The concept of the game is a wonderful one, but the execution is just unpolished and leads the user to want to throw their controller through the window.     ...

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Good game with a creative concept, but not quite "Rare classic" 0

"Kameo" is a solid title geared towards a younger audience, but provides enough variety and challenge to satisfy gamers of any age. The game revolves around an elf princess named Kameo who sets out to free members of her family who have been kidnapped by the troll king Thorn. Along the way, Kameo acquires the ability to transform into a variety of unique creatures, all of whom have their unique abilities. The game combines a good mix of platforming and combat, and provides an impressive amount ...

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I Loved this game, Give it another chance. 0

Great game, short sweet and to the point. The game doesn't overstay its welcome, has a perfect difficulty curve, great time management, and a great visually appealing art style.If you find this for 20$ at walmarts or something, don't be afraid to pick it up and take it home. You actually might enjoy yourself (gasp!)...

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This is truly a Rare game from start to finish. 0

This isn't just a next generation game, it is the first next generation game released for the Xbox 360 and with that position comes a great deal of pressure. Many people will look to this game as a window into what Microsoft's new machine is capable of. Not only that but this game has been in developement for many years, right back to the Nintendo 64 days and you would think with that much time Rare should have made something great here. Putting all that pressure aside Kameo is a game that welco...

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A charming and thoughtful adventure... 0

I think it's common knowledge that Rare games have often had fairly complicated and bumpy development cycles. A lot of their games have hit the skids indefinitely. Though somehow, despite jumping platforms, generations, and enduring numerous design changes, a few of them have eventually made it onto store shelves. From Star Fox Adventures to Perfect Dark Zero, it always seems to be a five year debacle. Of course, much of this was due to Microsoft's purchase of Rare from Nintendo. One of the game...

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Kameo Review 0

Kameo was one of the first xbox 360 games to be released and i only recently bought it and i found it and i am still finding it very fun and enjoyable to play. I completed it earlier and it is still enjoyable to play there are around 7 different characters for kameo to transer into and all of which have their own special abilities. Ice, Fire, Rock, Water, Grass and more they are all unique in their own way and my favourite has to be ash the fire dragon and breaths fire, blow fire balls and looks...

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Not that fantastic... 0

I was a little late to the 360 party, but when I finally bought one I was intrigued by the critical acclaim its launch title, Kameo, was receiving. A fantasy adventure game featuring an elf with the ability to transform into several different creatures, Kameo wasn’t really anything new. The game was very pretty, I’ll admit, but the concept didn’t strike me as something particularly awesome per se. Regardless, I decided to pick it up and see just what I could be missing. But now that I’ve bought ...

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Kameo is a good 360 launch game, but not a great game overall. 2

With the launch of the Xbox 360 in November of 2005, Microsoft took charge in the next generation early to get the all-important head start in the console race. There weren't any amazing games that launched with the system like Wii's Twilight Princess, or the SNES' Super Mario World, but there was a lot of games that were pretty decent, and Kameo: Element of Power is one of those games. If you like past Rare games like Banjo Kazooie, or Jet Force Gemini for the Nintendo 64, then you probably lik...

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Fun for the whole family 0

I played this with my 4yr old daughter on an almost daily basis for months. It's intuitive enough that she quickly grasped the fundamentals - she has trouble with the pace of combat, but basic gameplay is enjoyable for her. It looks great and I enjoy the simplicity and pace of the game. Some people have complained that it's not Zelda or whatever, but to me that's an attractive quality. I wanted something easy to play, but fun and bright enough to capture my child's attention. Kameo is a great f...

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Another great platformer game from Rare. 0

Gameplay: Kameo's gameplay is fluid and simple. The use of the left and right triggers is about the only buttons you use through-out the game, other then the occasion a,b,x,y to switch characters. This make the game available to gamers of all skill level. The maps are setup so that you have to use different characters in different situations. This is however not all that tedious and flows quite smoothly. The gameplay is unique and original, a nice breath of fresh air. Graphics: The graphics for ...

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