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Youngest daughter of King Solon and Queen Theena, Kameo was a canidate to recieve elemental powers, along with her sister Kalus. Theena decided to gift Kameo with the abillity to transform into the various elemental creatures over Kalus due to her sister's spiteful and self-centered personallity. This act drove Kalus over the edge, and she released the ancient king of the trolls Thorn, who assembles his army and leads open war on the elf kingdom. Kameo's ancestors were kidnapped, and when she went to rescue them, she was beaten and her elemental warriors were stolen.

Taking the repaired Wotnot book, which  normally contains the elemental warriors, Kameo sets out to rescue her family and retrieve the ancient elementals. As she travels she discovers the lost warriors have transformed into small chibi forms of themselves- the Elemental Sprites. These sprites have been kidnapped by Thorn's Shadow Trolls. Early in her journey, Kameo battles the ancient tree, Old Mawood, with the help of her elemental forms- Pummel Weed, Rubble and Ash.  The tree's defeat allowed her to rescue Halis. 
Continuing her journey to the Water Temple, where her family member, Lenya, was held, Kameo reobtained the warriors Major Ruin, an elephant like warrior who can roll into a ball to damage foes, Deep Blue, an octopus like creature that can fire water like cannons and allows Kameo to freely swim under water, and Chilla, a huge yeti who can throw icecicle weapons and freeze enemies. Arriving in the Water Temple, Kameo had to fight the monsterous Corallis.  
With Corallis destroyed and Lenya rescued, Kameo went on to the the Snow Temple to rescue her family member Yeros. She recovered the warriors Flex, who can strech his limbs ridiculous degrees, 40 Below, an snowman-like being who rolls around on a ball of ice and freezes foes solid, and Snare, a venus flytrap creature that can eat and spit out enemies. With her new warriors Kameo aided in the attack on the Snow Temple, and rescued some of the Troll armies' giant walrus prisoners, while she went on to fight the massive creature that ruled the Temple- the many eyed Queen Thyra. With Thyra dead, Kameo rescued Yeros, the last captive member of her family. 
Quickly rescuing the last Elemental Warrior, Thermite, a tiny fireant that carries a volcano on his back, Kameo and her allies launched a final assault on Thorn's territory. Fighting through his many troops, Kameo used all her united warriors to defeat Thorn's champion, the robot troll Lord Drok. Kameo continued to push forward, fighting off waves and waves of trolls on Thorn's Airship, before confronting the King himself. Kalus betrays Thorn, and the two elf princesses are reunited for one final battle, which concludes with Thorn's defeat and Kalus turning to stone, asking Kameo to bring her apologies to her family. Returning to her kingdom, Kameo was hailed as a hero. 

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