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Kanden was a science project, an experiment to create a so-called supersoldier. He was designed to be invincible. However, Kanden's mind was still no more than a mere Enoema's, and therefore his brain could not withstand the complicated neural combat encoding sequences. This completely transformed his mind, leaving him as a ferocious, unbelievably powerful and dangerously unpredictable monster. Kanden escaped the research lab, killing the scientists that created him, and destroying their laboratory. Kanden then took great advantage of his strength, durability, and near-immortality by trying his hand at becoming a Bounty Hunter. Built with programming to hunt, fight, and destroy, he can be the ultimate super-soldier. When Kanden receives word of a powerful super-weapon in the Alimbic Cluster, Kanden sees a great advantage that he can grasp in his superhuman hands. His only goal is to become the ultimate bounty hunter, with no peers.


Kanden performs the same role as all other Hunters in single player-that is to fight Samus and rob her of whatever treasure she may have. Upon defeat, Kanden will take off Samus' Octoliths, and then Samus must defeat him again in order to regain the crystals.

Kanden's alternate form is the Stinglarva, which isn't much different than Samus' own Morphball other than in shape and weapon. Kanden forms into a small, larva type being, which is designed after the most lethal and dangerous insects in existence, and can detach his stinger, which acts as a homing missile, tracking its nearest enemy. Like with Morph Ball Bombs, by maneuvering the Stinglarva over it's own projectile's explosion, it can jump. This jump is much higher than a Morph Ball Bomb jump.

Kanden's affinity weapon the Volt Driver is mainly electricity. Gameplay wise, the weapon is basically a power beam but with a much more powerful kick. Kanden, when his arm cannon is fully charged, releases an aerobomb that slowly follows his target (in a multiplayer fight, fire several of them and your enemy will be occupied with trying to dodge them and you can get in some damage) and when it comes into contact with the intended victim it causes its vision to become impaired. With his prey disoriented, Kanded can land fast brutal hits with the rapid fire Volt Driver. Kanden is infrequently used in Nintendo Wi-Fi, as only the most skilled of players can master his abilities and win.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Kanden is a sticker in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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