druxk's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (Xbox 360) review

Days for Dogs must be short

I guess the reason why a single human year equals seven for a dog is because their days are so short.  As for the title, and to quote Wayne's World, "so it's not just a clever name."  This game is terrible.  This game is short.  This game is a waste of money.  You can probably stop reading this review right there and walk away with all you need to know about this game.  I can remember being able to muster through a lot of the gameplay flaws of the last Kane and Lynch just enough to get through it.  The first game seemed like if it were built upon, it could have been a decent release.  That's probably why I was somewhat optimistic going into the sequel.  It doesn't take long for Kane and Lynch 2 to kill the mood.  The visual style is disrupting to the game.  When you sprint forward it's hard to discern whether or not you are fleeing/pursuing thugs or hunting for the Blair Witch.   The hit detection is unbelievably random.  The weapons all feel the same.  This shotgun shoots like that shotgun, this assault rifle shoots like that assault rifle, etc.   If you are looking for a multiplayer review for this game look elsewhere.  I played the online portion of this game for about two hours and lost interest.  This game is a rental at best and should be ignored/avoided entirely.  If you simply must scratch your Kane and Lynch itch (there's a cream for that by the way) just rent the game.  The single player campaign with cut-scenes can be completed within in four hours. 


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