dantekiller's Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (Xbox 360) review

Kane & Sick

wow just wow this game dose nothing for the 3rd person shooter what can i say about a game that is not that good, 
Kane and Lynch trys to sell you a story but ends up failing if you have played part one then do not waist you time with this one 
its more of a rent then a buy 


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    48 Hrs. 0

     The damned duo reunite. Despite the criticism and controversy surrounding IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, the Danish developer pulled out a pretty acceptable hit with the much improved sequel Dog Days. Following the events in Dead Men, Dog Days shows supporting character Lynch taking the role of main protagonist starting a new life with a girlfriend in the city of Shanghai, China. However Lynch gets involved in a crime organization led by a man named Glazer who informs L...

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