Chapter 14 glitch?

#1 Posted by LRP21 (146 posts) -

I am in the mission in Cuba in which you escort Carlos as he carries the mine to the front of the gate, I have repetively killed all the bad guys and given Carlos the command to move, he never moves from his place, am I doing something wrong or is this an unfortunate bug? 

#2 Posted by the_purgatory_station (471 posts) -

he should be able to move no matter what.  he has to go inside the fort.  i think i laid the pointer on gates.
you might have already gotten this but if you look in the valley, i think there are maybe 2 enemies a few feet from carlos starting point.
my playthrough: i cleared all the enemies, ordered carlos to gates (he goes inside, i thought he plants outside), the game i think will tell you what to do next.
keep trying at it bc there shouldnt be a bug.  unless there some weird technical problem RAM??? i don't know.

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