THQ shuts down Kaos Studios

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That's sad.. Their Battlefield 1942 mod "Desert Combat" is considered one of the greatest PC mods ever made, and their first game Frontlines: Fuel of War is a personal 2008 favorite. 
However, seeing their direction with Homefront, looks like they were turning into another COD-clone factory, so while this is a blow to the employees and their families, it's not exactly a blow to the industry.  
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I am sorry for the developers, it is never good news when people lose jobs, but I can't lie and say I liked any of their games.

#3 Posted by kingzetta (4307 posts) -

oooh they made Homefront.

#4 Posted by Meowshi (2911 posts) -

Homefront, from a storyline perspective, could have been a lot more than it was.  

#5 Posted by FourWude (2245 posts) -

KaosAngel is DEAD!!!

#6 Posted by groin (863 posts) -

I stopped playing Homefront on the second level. My achievement whoreness was not enough to make me finish that terrible game.

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Not surprised. Operating a studio in the middle of Manhattan is expensive as hell, especially when their game does so poorly.

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I played Homefront for a day and never touched it again until I traded it in toward Infamous 2. It's never good to see studios shut down but that game was a massive trainwreck when you look at how much advertising they did for it. Yeesh.

#9 Posted by chilibean_3 (1728 posts) -

Oh wow, I wasn't aware they did Desert Combat. That's a shame.

#10 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5003 posts) -

@FourWude said:

KaosAngel is DEAD!!!

I'll bring the chips!

#11 Posted by Rolyatkcinmai (2699 posts) -

Sad. They always had a cool story, going from making mods to games. That said, the games were not great. I never could tell if that was their fault or budget problems.

#12 Posted by DonPixel (2663 posts) -

Well that's what you get when you do shitty games.

#13 Posted by Romination (2777 posts) -

I thought Homefront actually sold pretty well, anyone have any numbers?

#14 Posted by SuperSambo (2894 posts) -

This does seem odd.

Homefront sold well, and I'm sure I read that they were planning more of the games...

Maybe the latest map pack didn't sell and they realised that the game is dead.

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