Kaptain Brawe - Short and Sweet Old School Point and Click

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Hey all, has anyone else played through this game and enjoyed it?

Just finished it earlier and from my experience, it seems to harken back to the old school style of point and click adventure games. There are some pretty neat puzzles to solve here, and while the voice work is non-existant, the writing is somewhat entertaining, albeit a bit campy. The artwork to me was pretty nice as well.

If the game were a little bit longer and had some voice work done, I'd probably give it a 4 out of 5. This day and age not having any voice work is kind of a shame, really. They claimed their small indie development studio size to be the reason why this was left out, but even then there are some other indie devs who managed to get voice actors to do some work - even if they aren't as well known. Especially for an adventure game like this, voice work would've been great to have.

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There is voice work for the German language, so that excuse does not stick for me.

EDIT: As for the game, I thought it was a nice little and short point&click adventure game, but nothing that amazing. It's average.

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