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Karana's followers invest all of their faith in the life-giving and destructive force of storms of all types.  Typical followers of Karana are farmers, druids, and rangers.  While they respect the power of the Storm Lord, they often provide shelter to travelers, for they are mostly good-natured people who value honesty.  Much like the followers of Quellious, a great deal of Karana's devotees live a life of a nomad.

During the Age of Turmoil, the Human and Half Elf rangers and druids of western Antonica were some of his most devout followers.  The Halfling druids of Rivervale also honored him from their farms of jumjum.  It was during this time that Karana was trapped within his own plane by a powerful wizard named Agnarr, who ascended to demigod status by leading an army of giants into the Bastion of Thunder.  The mortals of Norrath were able to free the Rainkeeper, for which he teaches them of Zebuxoruk and the elemental planes.  The mortals used this knowledge to assault the elemental planes of fire, air, water, and earth on their way to the Plane of Time.


EverQuest II
In most lore, Karana is depicted as an elderly man in a deep blue robe relying on a withered staff.  During the Age of Turmoil, he manifests himself in this manner when the mortals saved him from Agnarr the Storm Lord.  

Among the Pantheon

The Rainkeeper makes his home in The Bastion of Thunder, which is a fortress found atop Mount Grenidor in the Plane of Storms.  A direct path to his realm is sometimes opened when the fiercest storms rage across the lands and seas of Norrath.  Karana is allied with Tunare and Mithaniel Marr.  He is a sworn enemy of Bertoxxulous.  The Rainkeeper is one of several gods who have returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.    

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