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Released on July 30, 1987 in Japan, Karaoke Studio looked to cash in on the ever popular pastime of karaoke as well as the new Famicom system. The game never saw a release outside of Japan. The game featured 8-bit versions of Japanese pop songs. The game consisted of a microphone and a subsystem that fit into the Famicom's cartridge slot. 25 songs came on the initial subsystem and 2 additional expansion tapes were released to play more songs.

Expansion Tapes

The first expansion was Senyou Cassette Hit Top 20 Vol. 1, released on October 28th, 1987. It contains additional tracks based on then-popular music and needs to be inserted into the Karaoke Studio subsystem in order to access them.

The second expansion - Senyou Cassette Hit Top 20 Vol. 2 - came a little later, on February 18th of the following year. Like the first expansion, it featured additional songs that were popular in Japan at the time and could be plugged into the existing Karaoke Studio. Both expansions required the original to play.

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