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Karas is the appointed supernatural guardian of the city of Tokyo, Japan. The Karas itself is a suit of armor inhabited by a human soul, and the position is passed on from one Karas to the next. Each Karas is different in appearance, but all share the same duty of protecting the city of Tokyo. His spiritual embodiment is that of a raven, which can be seen in his avian styled armor. His primary weapon is a katana, which he yields with unnatural proficiency. He can enter Hiei Zangetsu mode, where his eyes glow red and his katana expands and resembles a Sword of Justice also called an executioner's sword. Karas also has the ability to transfrom at will into either an aircraft or an automobile, both being armed with chainguns and missiles. In the anime, he protects Tokyo from the mechanized demonic faction called the Mikura. 
Other Karas are also present in the anime, but they are responsible for their own seperate regions in Japan and do not interfere with the Tokyo Karas' affairs. Each Karas is also assigned a Yurine, which is the spiritual embodiment of the will of the city of that specific region. The Yurine handles the duty of selecting when the Karas is needed, similar to an Assassin's handler.

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