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Karol is a young boy who finds himself tagging along with Yuri and Estelle after running into them while on assignment for the Hunting Blades. Later in the game, however, he is kicked out of the Hunting Blades. It is then learned that he has been kicked out of every guild in the guild city, Dahngrest. Yuri takes it upon himself to create a guild with Karol, and their fellow traveler Judith joins the guild. 

The guild they create is given the name Brave Vesperia, named after a star that supposedly watches over the world. Karol becomes the spirited leader of Brave Vesperia, and at age 12, is the youngest person ever to run a guild. Anxious and always determined to prove himself, Karol matures from a cowardly boy to a courageous leader during his journey.

Karol's subplot throughout the game is his ongoing attempts at impressing Nan, a young girl who is a member of the Hunting Blades and who is often cold to Karol's kindness. By consistently filling out the monster book during the adventure, Karol might just earn some respect from Nan.

In battle, Karol wields either an axe or a huge sword, making him the heavy hitter. He has many physical artes, and several healing artes based on proximity as well. Karol, being afraid of bugs, has unique skills that make him effective against insect-type enemies.

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