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Basic Information

Karsh is one of the four Acacia Dragoons. He has more or less taken the role of leader since Dario’s death. Karsh has always secretly loved Riddel the lady of Viper Manor, who was going to marry his best friend Dario. Karsh has long purple hair. In battle he has a green innate color, and uses an axe as a weapon.


Karsh in battle.
 In Another world Karsh is ordered by Lynx to try and stop Serge. Karsh takes the shaker brothers with him, and they suffer a defeat. Upon defeat Karsh returns to Viper Manor, and is relocated to  Fort Dragonia. At Fort Dragonia Karsh joins up with Zoah and Marcy to try and prevent Serge from entering the fort. They are defeated, but they recover just in time to find a wounded General Viper and save his life. 

Dario Side Story

 Prior to the events of Chrono Cross. Karsh accompanied Dario on the expedition to find the Masamune on the isle of the damned. Dario found the Masamune, and without knowing of its evil picked up the sword. The sword possessed Dario, and tried to make him kill Karsh. With the remaining strength Dario had left he asked Karsh to kill him, and to tell Riddel he was sorry. Karsh hit Dario with his axe and knocked him off of a cliff. Lynx showed up moments later and told Karsh to never tell anyone the truth about what happened, but to tell them that Dario was killed by monsters. Lynx then takes the Masamune unaffected and leaves. Later in Chrono Cross Solt and Peppor accuse Karsh of killing Dario, and you can witness this event by returning to the isle of the damned with them. 

How to recruit

 You can choose either Karsh or Zoah to help you rescue Riddel from Viper Manor. If you do not choose Karsh he joins the party on the S.S. Invincible after the mission is complete. 


Dragon Rider - Acquired at star level 3. Karsh rides a dragon up to a single enemy and hits them with his axe. 
Axial Axe - Acquired at star level 19. Karsh throws his axe around the battle wildly attacking all enemies. 
Axiomatic - Acquired by defeating Solt and Pepper on the Isle of the Damned during Karsh's sidequest. Karsh hits a single enemy repeatedly with his axe.

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