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Kart Racer was developed by Nordic Games Publishing based in Sweden. The game was designed to bring a subset of racing culture, go-kart racing, to home consoles as well as PC. The game claims to offer a more a realistic take on go-kart racing than it is contenders. It was released in Europe on August 10th 2009 and in Australia in early 2011. The game never saw an American release date. The European version of the game saw an updated release in late 2010 with the inclusion of the Wii racing wheel.


Kart Racer's single player component encapsulates multiple modes. These modes are Race, Knockout, Challenge and Stunt Arena. The straight up Race mode allows up to 16 go-karts to race at the same time, leading to a lot of tight/close racing. As such the developers decided to implement a damage system that allows the go-karts' bodywork to deform. The player also has the ability to view the biggest and best crashes over and over again during the race with the included replay mode. As the player wins more and more trophies the player will gain access to new go-karts, tracks and the stunt arena mode. The game features 15 different courses set over 7 different countries. The courses are both indoor and outdoor, featuring multiple weather effects.

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