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Karthus is believed to have once been a mage of great power. Foolishly he wandered into the Howling Marsh, a swamp festering with residual magic. There, he became infused with the dark magic, turning him into a powerful lich. Now he fights in the League, testing his great powers against any foolish enough to combat his magic. Wielding spells of great damage, he is so powerful in dark magic that he can defy even death itself.


 Death Defied
Passive: Infused with the dark arts, Karthus can delay his own death. Upon dying he turns into a spirit, allowing him to continue to cast spells for 8 seconds. Karthus also revives 20% faster

 Lay Waste
Active Ability (Q): Karthus creates a ball of energy at his target which will explode after a short period, dealing damage to surrounding units. If Lay Waste only hits one unit, that unit will receive double damage.

 Wall of Pain
Active Ability (W): Karthus creates a wall of pure agony at his target, decreasing the movement speed, armor and magic resistance of any enemies that pass through it for 5 seconds. The wall lasts for 7 seconds before it dissipates.
Toggle (E): When toggled off, Karthus gains mana from each enemy he kills. When toggled on, Karthus deals damage to surrounding enemies each second, losing mana each second as well.
Active Ability (R): Karthus channels for 3 seconds and then damages every enemy champion in play, regardless of distance.

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