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This Pose Means He's Serious
Kashiwagi is a boss encounter in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. He's the first giant robot to be fought with the help of Impact through a first person cockpit view. His design is based off Kabuki Theater with face paint and exaggerated poses. Drums beats and voice samples are used to complete the effect.
Baron summons Kashiwagi to destroy Goemon and Ebisumaru after the two stumble upon him blowing up a building. And mostly because they continue to call him names.


Kashiwagi starts with 2000 health. He spends most of his time floating back and forth across the screen before using one of his many attacks. The most common involves launching a group of missiles that can either be shot down or punched out of the air to gain Ryo used for ammunition. He will also pull out two wood paddles that work as shields before charging in to throw a punch. His other physical attack involves striking a dramatic pose with his right palm open. It will glow red and he will rush forward to use a powerful palm strike.
Cherry Blossom Hologram Confusion
Two less common moves are special attacks that are much trickier to counter. Occasionally, Kashiwagi will sprout wings and fly through the air. When he flies in close he drops a cluster of exploding umbrellas that close in quickly. The umbrellas, like missiles, can be shot down or punched to gain Ryo. The other special attack involves him striking a pose to fill the air with cherry blossoms. During this time he will be near invulnerable as a pink holographic double moves in close to attack. The double must be countered several times before the fight resumes normally. Or, this attack can be interrupted with an Impact Laser Blast.

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