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Kasumi Ninja was released onto the Atari Jaguar in 1994. It was developed by Hand Made Software Limited, based in Manchester, England. Their previous work included games for the Atari Lynx handheld system in the early 1990s. The game was published and distributed by Atari Games. Kasumi Ninja was critically perceived as Atari's response to the popularity of the Mortal Kombat franchise, which had recently achieved a great deal of success across multiple platforms. It went so far as to include finishing moves that were essentially re-branded fatalities.

The game is set on a small and remote island, called Kasumi. On the island exists a portal, through which people can travel between this world and the alternate Netherworld. For many thousands of years this portal has been kept closed by the balance of power between good and evil. This balance has now been broken, and a dark lord and ninja called Gyaku has defeated the forces of good. Now the portal to the dark world has been opened and it is up to the player, a Kasumi ninja, to stop Gyaku and restore balance and peace to the world.


Kasumi Ninja is a one-on-one fighting game including versus play, and features eight characters played by digitized actors. It also features a number of "death moves", including kicking the opponent through their chest, scalping them and blowing them up, all of which is accompanied by copious amounts of blood - the player can toggle the gore in the options menu.

As an interesting side note Kasumi Ninja was one of the first games to feature a parental lockout control, featuring a six digit code that could be used to control the level of violence displayed.


  • Habaki: One of the titular Kasumi ninjas, and the slightly older twin brother of Senzo. Trained from birth to be Kasumi's greatest warrior and the guardian of the Netherworld portal, Habaki is the default protagonist for the one-player mode.
  • Senzo: The other Kasumi ninja and equal to Habaki in skill. Is essentially a "Ken" palette-swap to Habaki's "Ryu". Though both brothers have equal move sets in most respects, they have separate "death move" finishers.
  • Chagi Nelson: A world-famous kickboxing champion determined to prove himself the greatest fighter in the world. In true Johnny Cage style, he's intensely egotistical and has starred in innumerable cheap martial art action movies.
  • Pakawa: A Native American chief who collects scalps and has trained a league of elite stealthy Comanche warriors named the Tu-Wee-Kah.
  • Thundra: A warrior queen from a lost Amazonian tribe who takes on those who threaten her peoples' rainforest homes. Her special attacks all involve summoning nature in some way.
  • Alaric: The strongest warrior of the Goth tribe, which terrorized northern Europe for centuries. He is based on the historical Goth barbarian Alaric, who helped sack Rome towards the end of the Roman Empire.
  • Danja Ureda: A martial artist vigilante who takes to the city shadows to beat down criminals at night, while fighting crime in a different way as an assistant DA during the day.
  • Angus MacGregor: An eccentric Scottish warrior who fights in his people's customary tartan kilt. Angus became obscenely strong from his day job as a blacksmith and through brutally fighting all comers, and has left his village to seek greater challenges.
  • Lord Gyaku: The game's final boss and a powerful ninja patriarch who turned evil and desired the power of the Netherworld for himself. Is only playable with a secret code.

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