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Kasumi Ninja was released onto the Atari Jaguar  in 1994. It was developed by Hand Made Software Limited, based in Manchester, England. Their previous work included games for the Atari Lynx handheld system in the early 1990's. The game was published and distributed by Atari.  Kasumi Ninja was a perceived as a response Atari to the popularity of the Mortal Kombat franchise, which had recently achieved a great deal of success across multiple platforms.  It went so far as to include finishing moves that were essentially re-branded fatalities.
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The game is set on a small and remote island, called Kasumi. On the island exists a portal, through which man can travel between this world and the alternate Netherworld. For many  thousands of years this portal has been kept closed by the balance of power between good and evil. This balance has now been broken, and a dark lord and ninja called Gyaku has defeated the forces of good. Now the portal to the dark world has been opened, and It is up to you, a Kasumi ninja to stop Gyaku and restore balance and peace to the world.

Kasumi Ninja is a one-on-one fighting game including VS play, and features 8 digitized characters. The game has some nice looking backgrounds, that have some depth to them. The problem graphically, is the digitized characters which don't look that great and are quite choppy in appearance. It also features some very interesting death moves, including kicking your opponent through the chest, scalping them and blowing them up, all of course with lots of blood!. Some of the characters within the game are very strange too, including a Scotts man (wearing his kilt), an Amazon queen and a Gothic king. The Audio in the game is standard fare for a fighting game at the time, the selection screen tune is quite good though. There is also a fight announcer in the game who sounds absolutely hilarious, and whether this was intentional or not by the developers is unknown 


Overall the game suffers from poor build quality, with sloppy animation, as well as a dysfunctional control set-up. This was a real shame at the time, as the Atari Jaguar was desperate for a good game within the genre. 
As an interesting side note Kasumi Ninja was one of the first games to feature a parental lockout control, featuring a six digit code that could be used to control the level of violence displayed.

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