Have the Katamari games become like the Harvest moon games?

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Now I don't know about you but I have this strange game playing relationship with the harvest moon games, you see my first game was another wonderful life on the PS2 and after playing about 3 weeks worth of 4 hour sessions I kind of just stopped.
But then after the release of Rune Factory 1 I did the same. Now imp starting to get that same feeling so ive been looking at the next set of harvest moon games.
But here is the strange thing the same thing has happened this year with the Katamari games. The first game I got was We love Katamari, then earlier on this year I felt like I needed to play another Katamari so I rented Beautiful Katamari. I didn't notice this trend until I got my urges to play another harvest moon.
So my end question is does anyone else feel the Katamari games have become like the Harvest moon games in that sense?

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Dude no.

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Basically, you have a serious addiction to repetitive tasks.
See a doctor man, next thing you know you'll be mowing down pedestrians with a minigun because you felt the urge to shoot people.

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