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Still Fun After All This Time 0

 Katamari are a series of games that pretty well defy criticism. They are all insanely goofy, all look pretty terrible, all are brutally redundant...yet are, consistently, absurdly playable. And this is no exception.The creator of the series didn't work on the previous Beautiful Katamari (which was awesome nonetheless), opting to work on Noby Noby Boy instead, but is now back with Katamari Forever, which signals Katamari's return to the realm of being a PS-exclusive title.As with all othe...

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Best Katamari Since The Original 0

   An example of what knd of craziness goes on in this game Katamari Forever is the latest edition to the Katamari franchise. Since the original release back in 2004 Katamari has had somewhat of a cult following. Mainly because this game is very Japanese, I mean as Japanese as it can get. This game still provides that same old gameplay you know and love but that doesn’t mean it is stale. Katamari is still able to bring fun gameplay along even though it has been kind of the same for 5 years. Th...

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One of the most bizzare and fun games I've ever played. 0

My experience with the Katamari series started with beautiful katamari on the 360. But in no more then 30 minutes I just couldn't wrap my head around the controls and couldn't even get past the first level. But something strange happend, though I hated beautiful katamari I still found myself wanting to play more of it. So, I decided to rent Katamari forever and I have to say, I loved it. For some strange reason the PS3 controller just feels alot better then the 360, and that really helped me get...

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When you don't have the next hit, you make the remix 0

I think the title of the review best sums up my feelings for this game.  Katamari Damacy as a franchise is one of my top 3 favorite games of all time.  Since this game is basically a "best of" collection with a new coat of HD paint, it is still a great game.  However, the new level types and remixed music introduced in this game fall short of the older games.  I walked away wishing that instead of adding anything new, the developer would have just remade Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari into...

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