Got my artbook today!

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I got a pleasant surprise in the mail today! They promised us these in august, and living overseas I figured it'd take even longer.

Then I found this in the mail.

I'd say its up to par with my expectations. so I'm quite happy with it! The cover might not be the best thing I've seen, but the art throughout the book is mostly better then what's in the game to begin with.

So guys, anyone else get this yet? Or am I just the happy receiver of a mishap somewhere. Since my pictures weren't really taken in perfect studio lighting, maybe someone else could take a few better ones. :D

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how many pages are there?

can you still buy one?

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30 pages, but I think maybe less than 25 with actual art. I got mine from kickstarter, not sure if they still sell them otherwise. Don't think so though, they sold out twice during the campaign.

I didn't really expect much from such a disjointed amateur group, but a bit over 20 good pictures in a book that feels and looks good seems alright to me.

Oh and fair warning to Lilly fans. I'm not really sure why, since she kind of seems like the main route. But there is a serious lack of her in this, she gets two pictures solo, while everyone else gets 4-5. Except Emi who gets shafted even harder with a single picture alone...

That seems really odd, I'd think they would give a more equal share, but I guess the free form way it was mad enabled this. All the artists probably just wanted to draw Hanako and Rin.

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I got mine in the mail yesterday along with the set of pins and while I'm a little bummed out that all of the characters aren't featured equally in the book, I'm still glad I had the opportunity to be part of the Kickstarter.

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I'm so jealous right now.

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Yeah, would totally have bought one if they didn't sell out so fast. This one actually looks pretty good, too. I'm winding the clock back on my avatar in commemoration.

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@AndrewB: That was your best avatar anyhow <3.

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Man, I am so confused. Why does it look like that 999 sequel?....Is this the 999 sequel? Because I'd totally be OK with that if it were.

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@Video_Game_King: That would be a weird fucking crossover. I like it.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Man, I am so confused. Why does it look like that 999 sequel?....Is this the 999 sequel? Because I'd totally be OK with that if it were.

That's because there was a time paradox and Misha actually stole her hair style from Yotsuba... I mean, Clover... but actually they're the same person. Clover and Misha, that is. I can totally imagine them with the same annoying, high-pitched voice.

@TobbRobb said:

@AndrewB: That was your best avatar anyhow <3.

I don't know... I've had too many Katawa Shoujo avatars to pick from over the last few months. I still like this one from the last art book.

Seriously though... I'm irked that I didn't get in on that art book. Maybe the funds will go towards a sequel.

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Remember to put a towel on it everytime you start crying over your girl animes you-you b-baka.

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Sucks that lily and Emi are under represented.

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Ehhhh, that cover image alone does Lilly justice. Good to see Misha representing as well.

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All those feels lying in wait, maybe I'll just torch the mail as soon as I get home.

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Ah I wish I had that. Lilly was my favourite but I also liked Hanako. I can't stand Rin (I was really disappointed when my first path was hers!), but the picture of her on page 15 is really good. This reminds me I'm yet to take Shizune's path.

I had the picture you're using as an avatar as my desktop background for a little while! Lilly <3

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Got mine today too, wasn't expecting it for another month so I was pretty excited. Really good art in here, but I do wish it had more Lilly and especially Emi. Emi-bros for life.

Anyway, very happy with it overall, badges are pretty good too. I'd take some pictures but my camera's awful, sorry duders.

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Now I finally have a reason to post this

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@Bocam: Yeah I saw that somewhere before. Way funnier then it deserves to be. :D

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@ervonymous: Awesome picture! I didn't get one of those though, the price of international shipping discouraged me to go for the $30 pledge.

Are those the meme pins? They look pretty good, but I think I prefer the normal ones.

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Congrats on scoring the super-limited $30 signed book!


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@TobbRobb said:

Are those the meme pins? They look pretty good, but I think I prefer the normal ones.

Yeeah well, my response to the query still says Color Coded Set and 'regular face Misha' so nothing went right there. Not complaining though.

@Ravenlight: Thanks!

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@PufferFiz said:

how many pages are there?

can you still buy one?

For anyone else still interested, 4 Leaf just threw up a link to download a digital version of this artbook here.  Additionally, there are links for two more art books sold previously at comiket on the main site's download page.

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