Katawa Shoujo Art Book Kickstarter

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I'm sure would be. I never bother with art books though.

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@NegativeCero said:

I'm sure would be. I never bother with art books though.

Not really. I doubt they're going to have all the weird cross-over shit I'd want from an artbook like that. Also, I generally don't buy artbooks or any other game extras.

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I kicked in my $22, an art book would be a cool thing to have, and it's a nice way to give back to the creators.

Plus I just bought a house, and I have to put something on all these shelves.

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Meh might as well. 22 bucks ain't that much in the grand scheme. I waste more in two day on dumber stuff.

I hope the book turns out great.

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Well, they definitely reached their goal, that's for sure.

A page in the art book will be dedicated to whichever Katawa Shoujo character wearing whatever outfit they want...

Oh my god... the possibilities.

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I'll be at Anime Expo. I think I'll pick it up then.

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Kickstarter is fast supplanting the bank as the place where I send my paychecks.

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They just limited the amount of artbooks they are selling, 115 left as of now. You should get one now if you want one, these seem like they are going to be kinda hard to find. I will be waiting for them to open up the signed artbooks again and try to snatch one of those.

I have not even beat this yet, started last night, but its really damn good so far. Glad to pay the devs back for a great experience.

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I want a full page spread of the antique shop owner.

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Nearly $12,000 pledged so far, with 54 days left to go. I'm not exactly sure what they're gonna do with all that money (hardback please), but after the enjoyment I've got out of the game they deserve it in my eyes.

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"You may choose between the Color Coded set or the Meme set. If you choose the latter, you have the choice between normal Misha and :9-faced Misha."

Some might call that a lose-lose.

They're really sold out? That sucks. I was just thinking of getting one of the art books when I saw this thread pop up again.

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They will be doing another run of 10 of the signed art books, they will be made available this friday(march 23rd) at 5pm. I will be trying to get one myself, good luck everyone!

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Cool, hope I can get one. I really liked that game.

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more fapping material eh? 
@InfiniteGeass said:

Cool, hope I can get one. I really liked that game.

it's not a game
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Looks like there's also a poll now started by the $50 tier winner for which character you want to be drawn. I *almost* think I'd want something for Iwanako, since when do you ever get to really see her besides that one shot in the beginning? But that seems like a wasted opportunity. Like I said... so many possibilities.

So many that I can't come up with one answer. Anyone have suggestions on what we can all vote on for the poll?

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So yeah, it got funded 2000% four days ago. A shame the rainbow wizard isn't a part of the pin sets, but a signed copy of the book will be a neat memento.

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I caaaan't waaait for thiiiiiiis! Rereading some of it now, on my stupid long commute.

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