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Katt Monroe (Kyatto Monro in Japanese) is a female cat in the Star Fox franchise. She has appeared in many of the games, usually helping out both the Cornerian Defense Force and the Star Fox team. She is very similar to Falco Lombardi in that she is a cocky, skilled pilot. In addition, she has worked with Falco in the past (but the conditions of this working relationship is never revealed in the games). However, in the Star Fox manga titled Farewell, Beloved Falco it is revealed that the two are former members of the Hot Rodders, a space gang.

Katt's first appearance was in Star Fox 64.

Katt's first appearance was in Star Fox 64, on the planet Zoness. She also defends the Great Fox in Sector Z and helps the team destroy a base in Macbeth. In this game, she is very flirtatious with Falco, always eager to reveal her crush on him. Falco returns some of these feelings, seen through his dialogue occasionally. In Star Fox 64, Katt even expresses interest in joining the Star Fox team so as to be closer to Falco.

Katt returns in Star Fox Command as another supporting character. She is a playable character in Star Fox Command and she pilots the Cat's Paw 2, an upgraded Venom Invader. She expresses even more interest in Falco during the events of Star Fox Command. In one of the game's many, many ambiguously canon endings, Falco leaves Star Fox and joins up with Katt and Dash Bowman (grandson of Andross) form Star Falco.

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