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Kazushi has messy black hair that covers his eyes. He wears three pins on his tie. Kazushi is level-headed compared to his more colorful friends. On most story paths, Kazushi is driven to master alchemy in order to save his girlfriend. Kazushi also tackles his problems through sheer force of will.

Kazushi is one of the students of an all-boys school. The school closed recently and the students are transferred to Eiden school. He is good friends with Pierre, Appo-, and Daigo. The four guys look up to Panchu as a big brother figure. They also deeply respect Yagami as a teacher.

Kazushi is revealed to be well-versed in Judo grappling techniques, but he only employs it once throughout the story. He is also revealed to have a special ability in alchemy.

In Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia, Kazushi couldn't get a girlfriend by the end of the summer.

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