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Kazushi Miyamoto is one of Minato's classmates attending Gekkoukan High School. Kazushi is a strong and confident athlete, dedicating himself to getting better at what he does. The Chariot Social Link can be established with him after the player is successful in attending one of the three athletic teams, consisting of Kendo, Swimming or Track, in which Kazushi is the captain.


The main character meets Kazushi.
In all of the three athletic teams the main character joins, Kazushi is always the team captain and Yuko Nishiwaki the manager. Minato quickly becomes one of the better athletes in the team, and ends up as Kazushi's rival. But at some point of the season, Kazushi ends up hurting his knee during practice. Kazushi asks Minato to keep his knee injury a secret to the rest of the team. As the season goes by, Kazushi starts to miss practice often. Eventually, he reveals this problem to Minato; he's been keeping it a secret because he doesn't want the coach to put him on the disabled list. The reason for this is Kazushi's nephew, who was badly hurt in a car accident and requires serious rehabilitation and surgery. Kazushi wants to win the regionals for his nephew. He promised that if he wins, his nephew would agree to go through surgery so that he can quickly recover. But with his injured knee, Kazushi is pressured to hide it (besides Minato) from the rest of the team. 

Max Social Link

Eventually, the whole team finds out about his knee, but they tell him that it's not a problem, and Kazushi should worry about rehabilitating his own knee instead of making it worse at regionals. Kazushi decides to have surgery on his knee and would have to give up regionals. But he promises Minato he will work hard to getting his knee better, and encourage his nephew to undergo surgery despite the pain and his failed promise.

If the player is successful in maxing out the Chariot Social Link with Kazushi, the player can fuse the persona Thor, the god of thunder, in the Velvet Room.


The Chariot Arcana

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