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A humanoid tree with a massive beard made out of leaves and tree branches, it's arms are as thick as the branches of the World Tree. The crackling sound of wood bending alerts all other heroes to it's presence, but Keeper has many friends in the woods, calling upon them to hide or protect it's allies, spy on it's enemies and, when it's power is strong enough, have their roots jump off the ground and hold them in place for a good beating.

Some of it's most notable unit reactions are: "lets branch out", "you're barking at the wrong tree", "I think your mother hit every branch falling off the ugly tree", "get to the root of the matter" and "lets make like a tree... and live".


It is a supporter and an initiator. Keeper doesn't possess any skills capable of damaging opponents other than it's ultimate (and even that doesn't do much damage), so it focuses on protecting, healing and spying. It is an initiator because his ultimate can be devastating, rooting in place everyone in a large area.



Keeper asks the forest to hide it or an ally, granting invisibily provided it stays near some trees.

Tree Sight

It establishes a mental connection with specific trees around the forest, allowing him to see what they see. The enemies see the tree glowing and can destroy it, though.

Nature's Protection

The Keeper asks the forest to heal and shield itself or an ally.


Roots erupt from the ground, locking in place all of Keeper's enemies.

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