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Disaster Report

Keith is the main playable character in Disaster Report. He is on a train on the way to Stiver Island to begin his new job as a reporter when the island is struck by an earthquake. Along the way, he meets Greg Bach, Karen Morris, Kelly Austin, among other survivors, and uncovers the truth behind the disaster at Stiver Island. Though captured and pursued by various antagonists, sustaining various disaster-related injuries, and suffering gunshot wounds, Keith manages to escape the island. After escaping, he continues his career and, true to the title, writes a report on the disaster that occurred and the forces behind it.

Keith may also die in various endings, though his presence in the sequel renders these endings non-canon.

Raw Danger

Keith appears as a minor playable character in Raw Danger. He can sometimes be seen walking around in various levels, though isnt important until much later in the story, where he is again responsible for unraveling the conspiracies going on behind the scenes at Raw Danger's locale of Del Ray, along with fellow journalist Sophia Briggs. If the player makes the right decisions earlier in the game, Keith is playable in the game's final chapter. In this chapter, Keith remains in the rapidly sinking city to solve the remaining questions on his investigation on the killer virus Echidna, central to the plot of Raw Danger. After piecing everything together, in a scene echoing the ending to the first game, Keith scrambles to the top of the nearest skyscraper as the rest of the city sinks into the ocean, and is rescued by helicopter.


Disaster Report

In Disaster Report, he wears a blue shirt and jeans. As the game progresses, he is slowly covered in more bandages, and his clothes become gradually tattered. He has dark hair in all versions of the game, except the North American release, where his hair was changed to blond.

Raw Danger

In Raw Danger, Keith has longer hair and wears a brown jacket.. Notably, he also walks with a limp and must use a crutch. This is likely the result of injuries sustained during the original game.

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