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You may not have seen him, but you'll probably have heard him! After drama school and the comedy circuit, Keith Wickham found his niche providing voices for cartoons, commercials and anything else he is asked to do!
Growing up in St Albans, in England, Keith Wickham entertained his schoolfriends by doing impressions of the teachers and an early attempt at Robin Day, before going on stage at the Abbey Theatre to bring his voices to a wider audience.
Since that time he has exposed his talents to even more people, although you may not realise it!
Because after drama school and spending five years on the comedy circuit as an impressionist, taken a one man show to Edinburgh and working in radio comedy, he found his niche providing voices for cartoon characters and computer games and doing voiceovers for adverts.
Now a veteran of over 800 separate cartoon episodes and numerous adverts, he is also sometimes SEEN and you will soon be seeing him again!
He has already played Kenneth Williams in Round the Horne in the West End and is just about to start filming the TV version of Horrible Histories.

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