Clearly superior than Ryu

#1 Posted by Cammy (109 posts) -

no doubt the Ryu fanboy's are bashing him as we speak! but how can one pass on this stylish, yet fragile fighter?

#2 Posted by Colino (178 posts) -

well, unless you're spitting this out from simply a fanboy standpoint, I ahve to say you're right.

It's a fact that, in many street fighter games, Ken is overall superior to Ryu in competitive play.

They are very similair in the first titles, but in 3rd Strike, for example, Ken is by far superior

#3 Posted by haroon (13 posts) -

I always thought kens flaming uppercut and his kick combo were way more awesome than ryu's boring powered up hadouken. But then again Ryu is the big bro of the duo and deserves people to respect his authorita!!

#4 Posted by Kramer (25 posts) -

Kens the BEST

#5 Posted by AllThatBacon (623 posts) -

I always saw Ken as the cooler one of the two and the better one to play as (for me at least).

#6 Posted by Enyeez (90 posts) -

Ken is #1

#7 Posted by Robocop111 (150 posts) -

Ryu is the stronger character, the only reason why people say"Ken" is because of his personalty.

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