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Kendrick Lim worked as a game designer at a Tokyo-based studio for some time before he joined forces with artists Stanley Lau and Kai Lim to found Imaginary Friends Studios, one of the premiere Asian-based art studios, known for their contributions to the real-time strategy genre. Aside from his game work, Lim has worked extensively on book, magazine and trading card art for AAA companies.

What Lim is best known for, however, is his contributions to the Dota series. For the majority of IceFrog's tenure as the designer of Defense of the Ancients, he has relied heavily upon Lim's artistic talents for producing custom loading screens on an annual basis. When Valve Corporation hired IceFrog and acquired the Dota franchising rights, Lim was welcomed as a contractor for producing concept art, as well as promotional and fan pieces for Dota 2.

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