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 Character Background
Kenji Harima starts of as a tough delinquent but at the sight of his true love Tenma he turns into a emotional wreck. His determination in confessing his love takes him across many comical adventures. He spends his part time drawing manga, a love story of him and Tenma.  
Harima is caught up in other love situations where he wants to stay away from. Apart from Tenma the school thinks he has a crush on Eri Sawachika " Rich Girl", Yakumo and the new school nurse Tae Anegasaki.  
 Eri Sawachika - Slight feeling for him but thinks he is an idiot, causes him so much trouble.
    Yakumo  - Thinks he is a good person inside, helps with his manga. Has a crush on Harima. 
Tae Anegasaki - Calls Harima by his pen name Hario and has a crush on him. 
SInce the whole school thinks he loves Yakumo one of his classmates takes offense to that. Hanai Haruki the class representitive of 2-c is madly in love with Yakumo but is angered to find out Harima also likes her (doesnt really). These would battle day and night over this situation but Harima has no idea why he is even fighting him.  
Harima`s appearance in school rumble changes for the most part, starting of with a beard he becomes, clean shavin, bald, Jesus, Santa, Sailor, fortune teller and many more.  During his fortune teller change he attracts animals who follow him everywhere he goes and his favourite being a pig called Napolean.

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