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The Magician Arcana

Kenji Tomochika is one of the protagonist's classmates attending Gekkoukan High School in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, as well as Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable. He is the game's Magician Arcana Social Link, and is also the first Social Link that the player establishes after a certain event is triggered. Over the course of Kenji's storyline, the protagonist becomes one of his best friends. Kenji is immature, and has a strong taste for older women.


The player first meets Kenji at the beginning of the game, not long after starting classes at Gekkoukan High School. He catches his classmate Kenji's attention after word about him starts to spread after he's seen walking with the popular Yukari Takeba the day he transfers to the school. The protagonist catches Kenji's attention, and the two have a conversation that leads to the establishment of the Magician Social Link with him.

Social Link

The Persona Surt becomes available by maxing out Kenji's Social Link.

As the protagonisti gets to know Kenji better, Kenji starts to talk about his crush on Emiri Kanou, a teacher in their school. Kenji says that he's deeply in love with her, and he interprets Ms. Kanou's interactions with him to indicate that she feels the same way about him. He starts talking about his future plans, indicating that he wants to marry her after he graduates high school. However, while Kenji and the protagonist are hanging out one day, he sees Ms. Kanou with another man. Upon seeing this, Kenji becomes heartbroken and runs away crying. After the protagonist cheers him up, Kenji realizes that he's only fooling himself and had misinterpreted those supposed hints that Ms. Kanou was interested in him. Kenji thanks the protagonist for being there for him, and declares him his best friend, even giving him a choker he made himself as a sign of their friendship. He promises to start acting more mature, especially around girls; preferrably those his age.

When the Magician Social Link has been completed, the player is granted the ability to fuse the Persona Surt in the Velvet Room.

Persona 3 Portable

Kenji's Social Link remains the same in the male protagonist's side of Persona 3 Portable. However, if the player chooses to play through the game as the female protagonist, Kenji's role as the Magican Arcana is taken by party member Junpei Iori. Instead, he plays a prominent secondary role in the Social Link of Rio Iwasaki. Though they've known each other for a long time, Rio begins to harbor stronger feelings for Kenji, but is put off by the fact that he's infatuated with Ms. Kanou.

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