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Before Clone Wars

Master Kento was discovered by the Jedi order at a very early age and was brought to the Jedi temple for training.  Although Marek was an incredible student, he lacked the maturity that most jedi had. He viewed every mission almost as a game, no matter how serious the situation.

Durring the Clone Wars

When theClone Wars began, Kento was one of the first Jedi in the front lines. He fought heroically along side the clone troopers and his wife to be Mallie, a Jedi freedom fighter. The two fell in love. Kento began to see the war through Mallie's eyes. He started to see the true horrors of all the battles he had gone through, he no longer though of them as a game. He started to grow tired of the war and all the misfortune and death it brought with it. He began to feel the war was only sowing seeds of hate through out the galaxy and that the Jedi were partially responsible. Kento feared that one day the war would bring his love for Mallie to an end through one of their deaths and his fears grew even greater when Mallie discovered she was pregnant. Before Order 66, the order to eliminate all Jedi, Kento and Mallie got married and snuck off in to the outer rim disguised as medics. When they later discovered that what had happened, The Mareks felt terrible, but continued to wander the galaxy.

After the Clone Wars

When the Emperor issued Order 66 all the Jedi who were not killed went in to hiding. Kento Marek fled to Kashyyyk  with his Wife Mallie were they would spend ten years and raise their son Galen. There they befriended the Wookiees who to care of them and their son. Unfortunately, Mallie was killed defending the Wookiees from a group of slavers. Kento now was left to raise their son alone.
Kento Marek final battle with Darth Vader

The Emperors spies eventually had discovered Kento on Kashyyyk, and Darth Vader was sent there to kill the Jedi. Kento fought Darth Vader valiantly in a battle of lightsabers and the force, Kento even went as far as to force throw TIE fighters, but he was no match for Vader. Vader Force pushed Kento in to his hut, force choked him, and demanded to know were his master was. Kento replied saying Darth Vader had killed his master years ago. Before Vader could finish him off, his lightsaber was taken away from him by Kento's son, Galen, using the force. Kento told his son to run but was killed moments later. Then a group of Imperial soldiers arrived at the hut, saw Galen with Vader's lightsaber, and attempted to fire at the boy. Vader deflected the blasts and struck them down. Vader would then sneak Galen Marek on to his private star destroyer. Thus, Galen became Vader's secret apprentice and was given the name Starkiller.

Years later, Starkiller would arrive at Kashyyyk and find his old home. He calls General Kota  to see if it is anything. Starkiller feels a great darkness and sadness inside, Rahm Kota tells Starkiller to turn away but Starkiller wants to know whats inside. Kota is unable to tell him what is inside since his link to the force has been cut, but what ever it is, he must face alone. Apon entering the hut, he is confronted by the spirit of Kento Marek. Kento simply say "I never wanted this for you, I never wanted any of this for you... I'm sorry my son," then turns and fades away. Starkiller then replies "wait, father no!"

Alternative Plot

In the Wii and Playstation 2 versions of the game, the reunion of Starkiller (Galen Marek) with his father Kento, occurs as the third jedi trial. Where the apprentice watches a brief skirmish between his father and his teacher (Darth Vader), and before Kento amazingly was about to finish off the dark lord, he intervenes and stops him. After it, there is a fight between father and son... at the end of that clash Kento apologizes regretfully to his son about the way things turned out, and vanishes...


  • For some reason, Kento's name  is input as "Kento Nion" when viewed in the Databank on the Rouge Shadow. Nion was originally to be Galen Marek's sername.
  • Kento's robes may be unlocked in the The Force Unleashed. The discription says "Once worn by the rouge Jedi who made Kashyyyk his home, these robes were hand-woven by Wookie Artisians for their Jedi protector and friend."

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