Act 2 Side-Missions?

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Yo, so i've just played through the first few Acts of this game (love the shit out of it) and was a little saddened to discover that the second Act ended before I was able to visit some locations that seemed worth checking back in. Namely talking about Lula's rendevous with Joseph and Carrington setting up his play at the Storage Facility. My question is; did anyone else check those out, or is it supposed to be something you don't come back to until a later Act? If it is possible to check those scenes out, are they worth it?

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I tried to do the side-stuff in act 2 (did most of if not everything there is to do in act 1) but found that I didn't have any patience to fully figure out the circle-thingy on which you get to new places in the second act (I'm not crazy right, it was a circle? It's been a while since I played it...). The first act was kind of nice and easy with the map and all...

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