Act II Is Out Now

#1 Posted by MjHealy (1991 posts) -

Just loaded up Steam to discover a 70MB patch for Kentucky Route Zero. Turns out, the second episode is out now (finally).

Weirdly enough, I originally just bought the first episode only from Cardboard Computers website but can access Act II anyway. They eventually sent me a Steam when it was released there and now I seem to have gotten the rest of the episodes for here. Just a heads up if anyone is in my situation.

#2 Posted by BeachThunder (14041 posts) -

I am one step closer to purchasing this.

#3 Posted by AssInAss (3201 posts) -



I've been waiting for months for this, thanks for the update!

#4 Posted by MikeHawk (429 posts) -

I just finished it. Like the last episode, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it's just because I have a thing for flat color. Story-wise, it's supposed to not make very much sense, right?

#5 Posted by Dalai (7842 posts) -

About damn time! The first act was short, but weird and stylized as hell.

#6 Posted by ztiworoh (910 posts) -

@mikehawk: I just finished it as well. It doesn't make sense yet but I have theories about where it might be going. And my god if it's not gorgeous and atmospheric as all hell. The things they did with the driving sections (on the Zero and the Bird) were jaw dropping. Act II seemed a bit shorter than Act 1, but not really in a bad way.

#7 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

That explains the mystery update. Looking forward to playing more.

#8 Edited by gaminghooligan (1804 posts) -

Yes! Does it pull data from act 1 based on your decisions because if so I'm going to need to play act 1 again?

#9 Posted by bacongames (3970 posts) -

Was wondering when this game was going to get off its ass and start coming out some more. Can't wait until the thing is finished to hear what people think and probably grab it for myself.

#10 Edited by gaminghooligan (1804 posts) -

Man Act II was weird in the best way. The third floor at the office is fantastic. Was it me or did Ezra have a haircut like Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror picture show?

#11 Posted by thebeastwithtwobacks (145 posts) -

About time... I've completely forgotten everything that happened in Act I. Guess I'll just replay it if it doesn't catch you up (which I doubt it will). Excited nonetheless

#12 Edited by MjHealy (1991 posts) -

I just re-played Act I and then played through Act II in the same setting. Wow, what a weird game. At first I thought it kind of lost it's Twin Peaks charm but it established some new and interesting themes. I thought the fifth scene, in particular, was incredibly beautiful. Interested to see where they are going with this whole "giant corporations" theme is going.

#13 Edited by Humanity (14195 posts) -

I'll wait until they release all the episodes. In a story driven game I need to be able to experience the story uninterrupted or else I lose the plot.

#14 Edited by tumes (238 posts) -

@humanity: Losing the plot is kind of the point in this game. If you prefer pretty straightforward, directed stories this one might not be your cup of tea. Atmosphere is amazing though.

#15 Posted by simkas (529 posts) -

Every office building needs to have a dedicated bear floor now.

Also I really wanna hear that "I lost all my money but a two dollar bill" from the forest scene, I hope the soundtrack comes out soon too.

#16 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

Hmm, I might end up buying it now. How well is it handled episodically? Is it worth buying now or would it be better to wait and get them when they're all out?

#17 Posted by biggiedubs (577 posts) -

@geekdown said:

Hmm, I might end up buying it now. How well is it handled episodically? Is it worth buying now or would it be better to wait and get them when they're all out?

It's handled well enough, for me at least. There's no choices that are brought over, and there are clean narrative breaks between each Act.

Personally, I might think that buying them episodically might be better, because I'm not sure it would have the same kick played one after another. It's a very poetic game, but maybe a little too much in places. Could seeing it really trying my patience if I played it in a stretch.

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