Scenes? Ending? Crash? (*Spoilers*)

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So, bluntly open and spoiler-y territory: the end is when you go with Shannon to the farm, she fixes the TV, you see Road Zero and a truck goes by and black screen . . and the game crashes? That's the ending, right? Or does the game breaks at that point?

Also, how does the "Scenes" work? I thought it was as "Scenes" usually work, they are predetermined and story related, by I'm not so sure in Kentucy Route Zero. Maybe it's whenever you go to a location? See, when I got to the "end" that was Scene V for me. After the crash, I reloaded and it loaded Scene V and that was when I arrived with Shannon at the farm. But, this time, I went to the truck and decided to go and explore a bit. After a bit of travel (where I saw some dudes push a airplane and me and Shannon just stood there and watch and went to a Church were there were people singing, but actually, not really) I decided "oh you know what, let's go back to the gas station. Now with Shannon there's probably something to be said there".

So I went there and it was Scene VI. There was another dude there looking for a venue for his pseudoscientific experimental performance and I offered my help. I did more exploration (where I went to a building where a dozen people were around a fire and they offered me coffee and to a diner where I think I made out with the waitress) went back to gas station and Scene VII. Dude was gone, talked a bit with Joseph, left, went back to the farm and Scene VIII. And it played exactly as before and by the end, black screen and crash. What? I think I'll reload again and maybe go to the mines after and see if it triggers more Scenes and stuff.

What. Is. Video. Games?

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Yep, that's how it went for me. You can also go back to the bait shop, but not much happens.

As far as the Scene count, It just goes up with every visit to a location. I was up to Scene XI when I was done. What a strange game.

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The game is supposed to end that way. The devs just released v2 of Act I, which includes, in the patch notes, a screen declaring the end of the Act so that people will know that that's supposed to happen.

I loved all that side stuff, especially the church.

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