can you play this on laptop?

#1 Posted by cky4890 (157 posts) -

is this game intense on pc i dont know

#2 Posted by Cameron (626 posts) -

It's not too bad. If you have a modern laptop, you'll probably be fine. Try the demo and see how it runs.

#3 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4996 posts) -

Why don't you look up the system specs? Also it obviously depends on the laptop.

#4 Posted by Robo (846 posts) -

You can scale the graphics waaaaaaay down, and really the visuals are pretty low quality even maxed-out. The problem is the game can be extremely CPU-intensive. Complex ship designs can quite easily bring my once beefy but now somewhat aged overclocked Q6600 to its knees.

Also some combinations of parts- especially with some addons - can lead to particle effect bugs that will quickly overload your GPU too.

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