Kerbal Space Program 0.17 is out. New Planets! and Moons!

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Fuck yes!! Downloading this tonight, I got to the Sun yesterday and was like... Well I've done everything, now what. This will be oodles of fun.

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I've been trying to download it, but the site seems to be in real bad shape right now. It's either loading halfway (broken images and unstyled) after like 2 full minutes, or not loading at all.

Edit: I just noticed that you already addressed the site problems.

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@BBAlpert: Yeah, through the miracle of the internet my game was updated. Keep at it. I'm having loads of fun but holy shit does interplanetary travel take FOREVER even at 100,000X speed it can take several minutes to go from periapsis to apoapsis. New parts and tweaks to existing parts make deep space travel easier, I'm really liking the new nuclear engine. Vinny and Drew should revisit the game now that there's more training and a few scenarios that start you in orbit.

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@Arkasai: You were right about keeping at it. I eventually got through (at which point the site loaded up just fine, somehow). Downloading now, and I'm super pumped.

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@BBAlpert: Made it to Duna after trying all night to get to Jool. That's the super heavy lander in the screenshot, it's included with 0.17 and actually quite heavy as I found trying to slow down approaching Jool and running out of fuel each time. I'm getting encounters but I use up so much fuel getting my ejection velocity to around 3700m/s and it takes forever with that nuclear engine however efficient it is. I think I'll just slap a few engines on some fuel tanks I have feeding the nuclear engine and have them decouple once I get to ejection velocity.

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I've gotten a lander TO Eve (with the help of some Nova/Punch parts), but I can't for the life of me land on it*. Maybe it's the thicker atmosphere making drag more of a factor, but once I start the descent, my lander flips upside down and my RCS jets just aren't powerful enough to flip it back upright. It's probably not helping that my lander's legs sticking out near the bottom give it roughly the same aerodynamics as a badminton birdie.

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I landed happily on Eve (Mechjeb....cough) and had a roam....sad thing is....that place bores me.

Duna interests me...however JOOL!! I am currently trying to get near it and find out what its atmosphere is like. Can I land? i know I could look it up. Or go for a close look on the map. However I am excited and it is an project.

These are Unmanned probes. I shall send manned ships later.

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Rus fan site

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