Next Flight Club Game

#1 Posted by Cronus42 (284 posts) -

It's like legos, but you make rockets out of them. Which usually means horrific crashes and explosions. A lot of people were calling for this in the flight club broadcast last night, and yea this definitely fits the bill.

#2 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

YES! I would love this. It's pretty easy to get into, but you can sink a lot of time into it. I mean hours of entertainment are there just from the joy of making insane death-machines that have no hope of reaching space. Then you actually get into the rocketry stuff. My new goal is to get as many hopeless souls permanently caught in a sun-orbit as I can.

I don't know if it would work well as a live-stream since there is a lot of tedious building and arranging of stage sequences, and experimentation. But if they went into it with a bunch of pre-made ships found on the web or something I could see it being an awesome time.

#3 Posted by HeliumSpoon (141 posts) -

It would be too painfull watching vinnie and dave try to get into orbit.

#4 Posted by YOUNGLINK (553 posts) -

This would please me.

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