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After i saw Dan Teasdale's top 10 list i had to try this game and it is kind of fun. Seeing its only v.13 it has potential to be really fun. Also its pretty open so its already made lots of mods for it witch makes it more fun.

Has anyone else tried it?

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#2 Posted by Red12b (9360 posts) -


It's pretty fucking awesome

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#3 Posted by Sjupp (1948 posts) -

Downloading it right now, didn't know it was free! Impressions in shortly.

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#4 Posted by Sjupp (1948 posts) -

Well, I suck balls at making spacecrafts!

Definitely worth a download!

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#5 Posted by 1p (798 posts) -

This game is relevant to my interests. I will check it out at some point.

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#6 Posted by HotSauceMagik (277 posts) -

Well they need to work on the "fun level" of the tutorial a bit, but after my first catastrophic failure I found myself laughing maniacally and totally stoked to try it again. There are currently no goals except ones you set for yourself, but I can see myself eventually, trying to circle the earth, the moon, etc... Right now just getting into the atmosphere is a challenge, but its oh so fun.

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There really is some potensial here. I can see it turning into something like Banjo & Kazooie Nuts N Bolts, where you have to make different ships to reach planets far away, maybe even making the Lunar Landers and "Cars" your drive around with.

Also the amount of mods this early in dev is promising.

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I checked out the game because of this thread. I've spend an irresponsible amount of time with KSP in the past few days. Good stuff!

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#9 Posted by Snotty128 (2 posts) -

I downloaded this thanks to Dans mention in the games of the year list.

Well worth a download

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I also downloaded it after seeing it on Dan's list. Ended up buying/donating within 30 minutes of playing. This game is so awesome especially if you love aerospace or cosmology.

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Very, very cool, took me forever to even get something in orbit, and then when i did, I couldn't really get my poor Kerbals back home, oh well....

They really should quick look this, Dave and Drew need to give it a whirl.

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