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Kevin and the Spider Demon
Kevin and the Spider Demon

Kevin Cloud was born in 1965 to a teacher and an electrician. He grew up in Shreveport reading comics and playing in arcades. He studied political science and wanted to become a lawyer but instead decided to pursue his interests in art and computers and took a job as a computer artist at Softdisk, where John Romero, John Carmack and Tom Hall used to work before founding id Software in 1991. He was described as artistic, diligent and well organized by his peers.

In 1992, Romero and his team asked Kevin if he was interested to work at id Software and he said yes. He left his editorial director position at Softdisk and was employed at id Software in 1992 as an assisting artist to Adrian Carmack. Kevin was appointed as the lead artist and co-owner of id Software.In June 2000, when John Carmack proposed an internal company plan of remaking Doom with new technology (Using the id Tech 4 engine), both Kevin and Adrian were against the project, feeling that id should be focusing on new IP's and not going back to the same formulas and properties. However, after the positive reception to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the latest improvements in rendering technology, most of the employees agreed that a remake was the right idea and presented the two owners with an ultimatum: allow them to remake Doom or fire them. After the reasonable amicable confrontation (Although artist Paul Steed, one of the instigators, was fired in retaliation), the agreement to work on Doom 3 was made.

Kevin now acts as the Executive Producer at id Software.

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