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Kevin Woodward is a doctor staying in Room 219 at the Hotel Dusk with his daughter, Melissa.  He appears tired and frustrated, having to raise Melissa on his own.  Kevin's wife left them some time ago without giving a reason why.  Melissa kept saying she wanted to see her mom for Christmas, so Kevin caved in and said they would go see her.  They wound up in Hotel Dusk, but had yet to actually see her.  Kevin seems overwhelmed with caring for Melissa, leaving her alone for long periods of time and getting into fights with her whenever he's around.  This behavior gets on the nerves of the maid Rosa, and piques the curiosity of Kyle Hyde.

History (Spoilers Ahead)

Kevin Woodward is a surgeon, who married a woman named Grace.  She worked at an art gallery in Santa Monica, called Gallery May.  This was the same gallery owned by Mila's father, Robert Evans.  Together they had a daughter named Melissa, and they were a happy family for many years.

Kevin had a patient die on him during an operation.  The family sued for malpractice and won, leaving Kevin with massive debts that he had no way to pay.  He asked for a divorce from his Grace, not wanting to put her through the misery he was about to endure.  Grace refused, saying nothing would tear her family apart.  She promised she would get the money somehow.

Surprisingly, Grace did get enough money to pay off the debts.  When Kevin asked about where the money came from, Grace told him not to ask about it.  She said to just trust her and know that things would be fine from then on.  Kevin couldn't let it go, though.  It ate him that she was able to gather such a large sum in such a short amount of time.  He continued to ask her about the money, and they began arguing constantly.  Finally, Grace disappeared.  Kevin assumed she left because he wouldn't trust her.

Melissa, missing her mother, wanted to see her for Christmas.  She continued to nag Kevin about this until he gave in and said they would go see her.  Kevin had no idea where to look for Grace, though.  The only lead he had was a book of matches from Hotel Dusk.  He told Melissa on the road and off they went to the hotel.  Once there, though, Kevin had no idea what to do, as there were no other clues to Grace's whereabouts.  Melissa also began to believe her dad was a liar, and became disobedient and disagreeable when they were together.  She threw her doll at Iris, and got herself locked in Room 218.  Kevin went drinking with Iris later that night, unaware that Iris was actually Grace's younger sister.  Kevin had one too many and began to feel sick.  It was at this point when Kyle Hyde confronted him, trying to find out what Kevin's connection to Gallery May was.  Kyle was trying to help Mila, who was looking for her father.  Kevin finally broke down and told Kyle his story.

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