Are keycards considered distinct from "keys?"

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I would personally assume so, since one is metal cut to fit a specific mechanism, whereas the other is electronically programmed.  This would mean Doom would probably go under keycard, whereas Wolfenstein would go under key.

Unless the skull key counts as a simple key.  Sigh...

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I would say that it is a different object.

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I would think so. Even though they do about the same thing, they are made from different materials and do it differently. If submitting card key, I'd make it similar to Key, if you can do that (I know there's a place for similar games, but don't know for objects)

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I would think if it's shaped like a key, it's a key. If it's shaped like a card, it's a keycard. Both are unlocking devices, but I think they are separate subcategories of such if we want to get technical, as we probably do in this database...

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I think that keycards are a subsection of keys, I mean, they do the same thing, they are just made in different ways.


Never mind, the definition for "Key" is "A metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated"
So I guess keycards aren't keys...

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Well, I've submitted a request for a Keycard page, so we'll see tomorrow how it shapes up from there.

Edit: Or, you know, next week.  Geez.

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Separate Keycard page now exists.

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A keycard is a different object ya know.

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Nice thread necromancy!

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@OutOfBounds9000: Dude, quit resurrecting threads from last year, please.

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