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Keysone Kapers at the time was a leap forward in terms of graphics for the Atari 2600 and beyond. It had a nice palate of colors, and aimed to become an addictive game of cat and mouse. Released in 1983 this game gave a kick to Activision and helped them become a staple in the gaming history that holds true today. You play an unnamed robber trying to run as long as possible until the time runs out for each level. Sounds easy right? Well, in the earlier stages maybe, however theres a classic bells and whistles cop on the prowl and he will let nothing get in his way, including elevators. As you run you rack up points for the amount of time on the loose. Just be sure to be quick, or you just may have a happy-go-lucky cop hopping onto your back, and from there you don't want to know what happens as a result. Although we may never know the outcome,  we do know it's game over.

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