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The Khaybar KH-2002 is a recently developed and indigenously made assualt rifle of Iran. It was developed by the Iranian Defense Industry Organization (DIO). This rifle is in a bullpup configuration and fires the 5,56 x 45mm NATO round. The rifle accepts the NATO Draft Standardization Agreement (STANAG) magazines.   
The KH-2002 is meant to replace the H&K G3 rifle that uses the 7.62 x 51mm NATO round. The Iranians also have made a bullpup version of the G3, but allegedly not in production.
The Khaybar is said to have its roots from the Iranian DIO S-5.56 rifle, which is said to be a copy of the Chinese Norinco CQ rifle which is itself a clone of the M16-A1 rifle.  Though some question this and claim the KH-2002's internals are similar to the AR-18, which is said to be more resistant to carbon fouling than the AR-10 and the AR-15 which were earlier versions. The AR-18 was considered to be reliable and accurate all the way up to 460m.

Cartridge: 5,56 x 45mm NATO
Overall length: 680mm (short barrel), 730mm (medium barrel) , 780mm (long barrel)
Magazine capacity: 20 or 30
Weight, rifle with empty 30rd magazine and long barrel: 3,70 kg 
Effective range: 450m (long barrel)

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