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Mass Effect

In Mass Effect, Khalisah meets Commander Shepard outside an elevator in C-Sec Academy. She asks for an interview, suggesting that this is an opportunity to address any rumors or misinformation about Shepard. But if Shepard agrees to answer her questions, an anti-council agenda soon becomes apparent. Specifically, she implies that Shepard's appointment as the first human spectre was a hollow gesture, and that the Council is still dismissive of humanity as a whole.

Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2, Shepard once again meets this reporter as he enters the Citadel. She once again asks for an interview, claiming that her intentions are now only to get the story, though quickly dismissing the first incident in Mass Effect as "just journalism". If Shepard agrees she once again begins to verbally castigate Shepard for the incident two years beforehand. In this case, Shepard is given the option of a Renegade action inciting the remark "That's enough out of you" from Shepard and making him or her knock Khalisah right to the ground on camera. Again.

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