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The following information is for the PS3 version of the game.


In Kick-ass: The Game, the player through a series of eight stages on a mission to take out mob boss Johnny G and his lieutenants. You can play through the game single player or offline co-op, leveling up your character as you progress. The player can use light, heavy, and jump attacks as well as "hero abilities" and objects in the environment to take down enemies. A dash move is incorporated as the only defensive measure.

Characters and Abilities



Kick-ass is a melee-only fighter, using his fists for his light attack and his batons as his heavy attack. Players will want to consistently use the jump attack to close in on distant enemies. His hero abilities consist of a damaging swing with his bats as well as a "rage mode" in which he slowly regenerates health.



Hit-Girl uses her double-ended blade as her light attack and akimbo pistols as her heavy attack. She also possesses the ability to perform a vertical wall run by running at a wall and jumping just before impact. Her first hero ability has her performing a deadly move with her blades, while she jumps in the air and madly shoots her pistols for the second.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Knives and a shotgun are employed by Big Daddy for his light and heavy attacks, respectively. His shotgun has a shorter range than Hit-Girl's pistols, but is very damaging at close range. He throws frag and flash-bang grenades as his hero abilities.


As the player defeats enemies, he or she is given experience points (additional experience points can be found by destroying what looks like giant backpacks full of coke). After enough of these experience points have been collected, the player levels up (there are 50 levels) and is given two or three points that can be used to upgrade the current character's "defense," "attack," and "special" ratings. This decreases damage taken, increases damage given, and decreases the amount of hero bar the hero abilities use, respectively.

Other Modes

Completing the game in normal mode unlocks Extreme and Arena modes. Extreme mode is the same campaign as normal mode, but the enemies have been beefed up to challenge leveled-up characters. Arena mode drops the player into one of three areas, fighting seemingly endless waves of all types of enemies. At the end of each wave, health crates are dropped across the arena, disappearing at the start of the next wave.

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